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A small python library which downloads companies 10-K and 10-Q xbrl format filings from the SEC’s Edgar website. The Edgar site maintains monthly RSS feeds describing each of the filings. A cli tool called sec_edgar_download supports downloading and indexing, in a local sqlite3 database, the RSS files; as well as downloading specific 10-K and 10-Q filings.

sec_edgar_download package


sec_edgar_download.cli module:


sec_edgar_download getrss <from-year> <to-year> [--fm <from-month>]
                                        [--tm <to-month] [--wd <dir>]
sec_edgar_download getxbrl <from-year> <to-year> (-c  <cik> | -t <ticker> | -f <file>)
                                        [--ft <form-type>]  [--wd <dir>] (-h | --help) --version

-h --help             Show this screen.
-c --cik <cik>        Central Index Key (CIK)
-t --ticker <ticker>  Ticker symbol
-f --file <file>      File containing tickers
--version             Show version.
--fm <from-month>     From month: digits 1 to 12
--tm <to-month>       To month: digits 1 to 12
--ft <form-type>      10-K or 10-Q
--wd <dir>            Working-directory  [default : ./edgar]



  • Downloads monthly RSS feeds from the SEC Edgar website.
  • Stores the location of the relevant filing along with a companies CIK in an sqlite database.
  • Downloads 10-Q and 10-K xbrl filings for a company over a specified date range.

Usage Examples

From the command line.

  • Firstly download the rss feeds, these get added to a local database
  • Next specify which tickers to download the xbrl filings for.
pip install sec_edgar_download
# Download the rss feeds
sec_edgar_download getrss 2017 2017
# Download the xbrl encoded filings
sec_edgar_download getxbrl 2017 2017 -t AAPL

└── edgar
        ├── edgar.db
        ├── filings
        │   ├── aapl-20161231.xml
        │   ├── aapl-20170401.xml
        │   └── aapl-20170701.xml
        └── rss-archives
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-01.xml
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-02.xml
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-03.xml
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-04.xml
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-05.xml
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-06.xml
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-07.xml
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-08.xml
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-09.xml
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-10.xml
                ├── xbrlrss-2017-11.xml
                └── xbrlrss-2017-12.xml

From within a python script

# Run the following from ipython or Jupyter Notebook

from sec_edgar_download import indexer as ix
work_dir = './edgar'
from_year = 2016
to_year = 2016
indexer = ix.SecIndexer(work_dir)
indexer.download_sec_feeds(from_year, to_year)

INFO:root:Downloaded RSS feed: ./edgar/rss-archives/xbrlrss-2016-01.xml
INFO:root:Parsing RSS feed ./edgar/rss-archives/xbrlrss-2016-01.xml
INFO:root:Downloaded RSS feed: ./edgar/rss-archives/xbrlrss-2016-02.xml
INFO:root:Parsing RSS feed ./edgar/rss-archives/xbrlrss-2016-02.xml
INFO:root:Downloaded RSS feed: ./edgar/rss-archives/xbrlrss-2016-03.xml

... snip

INFO:root:Dropped 436 duplicates
INFO:root:32662 items parsed
INFO:root:Saved feed details to ./edgar/edgar.db

cik = ix.get_cik('INTC')

indexer.download_xbrl_data(cik,from_year, to_year, 'All')
Downloading file
To ./edgar/filings/intc-20151226.xml
Downloading file
To ./edgar/filings/intc-20160402.xml
Downloading file
To ./edgar/filings/intc-20160702.xml
Downloading file
To ./edgar/filings/intc-20161001.xml


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the robren/cookiecutter-pypackage a fork of the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.